5 Steps to Fully Realize The Flavors of Tequila

Posted May 2, 2022 by Camarenaimport

You placed the order to buy craft tequila online on your friend’s recommendation. But, you are a bit hesitant to taste it because it’s your first time.
You placed the order to buy craft tequila online on your friend’s recommendation. But, you are a bit hesitant to taste it because it’s your first time. You are confused about the flavor and the reaction thereafter.

It happens. Even if a person has tried different alcoholic beverages in the past, the first time tasting tequila seems different. And it’s because tequila is very different from other alcoholic beverages.

If the drink is different, the way of tasting it is also different. You cannot just pour in a glass and gulp it normally. We guarantee you will never love the taste. Chances are that you might spit the craft tequilas immediately from your mouth.

To realize the flavors of craft tequila, you should go a bit slow. You should enjoy every sip of the drink just like there is no other. And we are sure you will love it and fall for it now and always.

Still confused? Follow the following steps to taste the tequila.

Take proper glassware- People think the flavor is in the drink, then why be so particular about the glassware. But truly speaking, glassware plays a major role in proper tequila tasting.

The tequila snifters are very similar to champagne glasses, but with a narrower opening at the top. The opening is made narrower intentionally so that aroma stays inside for the full experience.

If you don’t find tequila snifters, get brandy snifters. The experience will be the same.

Take note of the body- Pour the content in the glass and take note of its movement. You should swirl the tequila gently around the glass and check its flow to the legs. The time taken by the tequila to reach the bottom of the glass determines its composition and consistency.

If tequila takes longer to settle, it implies a fuller body of tequila. The quality is good and you can move to the next tasting step.

Take note of the tequila’s aroma- Just like other food and beverages, smell the flavors of tequila. To get the aroma of all the flavors, swirl the tequila in the glass and tilt it to the point where liquid almost spills out.

In the tilted position, take note of tequila’s aroma at the bottom, middle, and top of the snifter’s opening. The smell will be different because the heavier notes settle at the bottom while the lighter ones rise to the top. Try to compare the aroma to the ones listed on the product pages.

Take the sip to taste- You know the body and aroma of tequila. Now, it’s time to taste. Just remember that one sip isn’t enough to get the actual taste. You should at least taste twice.
For the first taste, take a sip and let the tequila coat your mouth. The coating should be proper so that your palate can distinguish itself from other flavors. Don’t keep the sip in your mouth for more than 2 seconds.

For the second taste, take a sip with a slow breath and pursed lips. This will help get the most prominent flavors.

Take note of the flavors and textures- Last, swallow the tequila and determine the flavors and textures based on the parts stuck with you. If possible, swirl your tongue inside your mouth for a closer experience. This will give you an overall image of the tequila that you have just tasted.

The right tasting technique is very important to experience and enjoy the right flavors of tequila. And for that, follow the steps discussed in this post.

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