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Posted August 4, 2022 by JessicaFayre

When a user searches for information on the Internet, the search engine returns thousands or millions of results.
Or only the results on the first page have a real chance of being accessed by users. Thus, your website must be in the top 10 results returned by Google if you want to get traffic and conversions. Therefore, SEO has become a full-time job on the world wide web. If you will pay attention to this article, you’ll consider affordable SEO services with an SEO services company to boost your business.

SEO is becoming a necessity for the success of a business. What makes an SEO service company practical for your website is: Identifying and eliminating the issues that prevent proper indexing of the website; establishing a keyword strategy that will bring you relevant traffic and sales; improve the relevance and quality of the text content provided to search engines and visitors; to increase the popularity of your website/brand on the Internet. These are, broadly speaking, the main objectives of an SEO service company.

What is SEO?

SEO is a process to improve the quality of your website. The better a website is positioned in search engine results pages, the more visitors it will get. Following the search, Google displays a list of relevant sites for that search. Some of the ads listed are paid for by Google and are marked accordingly, as in the image below, with the text "ad". Others appear in the space called "organic", not paid.
The paid ads are handled by the AdWords Specialist, and the unpaid, organic results are handled by the SEO Specialist. SEO can target different types of searches on Google: global search (all results), image search, local search, video search, books, discussions, blogs, and news.

What do SEO services offer?

SEO services offer website owners 4 basic benefits:

• Indexing pages in Google.
• Rankings: better positioning of the site on keywords that bring traffic.
• Relevant visitors.
• Conversions - sales, newsletter subscriptions, offer requests.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and Adwords / Pay Per Click (PPC) are two leading techniques of Online Marketing (Search Engine Marketing, SEM). SEO is also called organic optimization because it involves the unpaid space in the list of results offered by the Google search engine. The Google search engine gives more space to "organic" results, which means that the visibility of a website depends mainly on SEO, not Adwords. However, noticeable results in SEO appear over time, after about 3-6 months, depending on the competition online. Therefore, a new website should also use Adwords to quickly gain visibility and sales.

Classification of SEO techniques

According to Wikipedia, the classification of SEO techniques is divided into two main branches. Techniques that search engines recommend and techniques that search engines do not recommend. Black hat SEO or spamdexing refers to methods such as link farms (blogs, directories, or online magazines that exaggerate the number of links they follow to other sites), use of excess keywords, and hidden text. The use of Black Hat SEO techniques can lead to the temporary or permanent de-indexing of a site. White Hat SEO consists of techniques that follow search engine guidelines and aim to achieve long-term results.

If you are considering hiring an SEO Specialist who works with an SEO Consultant who owns an SEO company, the sooner you do it, the better. A good SEO specialist can successfully optimize an existing website, but the best time to call an SEO specialist is when you want to launch a website. You'll save time and money if you know from the start which is the best platform on which to build the site, and which is the best structure.

Why should you choose an SEO services company?

Because SEO techniques often involve modifying the source code of the website, they can be combined with programming services or an SEO services company. SEO also involves promoting the website in blogs, online newspapers, and online magazines. Links are obtained from other websites to the promoted website, backlinks (off-site SEO).
Methods of obtaining backlinks include publishing advertorials on relevant websites and blogs in the same field of activity, publishing press releases, placing banners containing links to the promoted website, and placing links to the promoted website in the blogroll or footer of a partner website. Google interprets backlinks as votes of confidence.

What do you get from a company's SEO services?

On-site SEO is like getting a beauty treatment at a salon, and the technician is the person who is qualified for the services you need. Off-site SEO is like when you recommend the best beauty salon in town to your friends. SEO is a process. It involves a sequence of steps, each with its specific operations. Here are the stages of SEO optimization, in their usual temporal sequence when you apply for the SEO services.

1. SEO audit

Analysis of the site from a technical and editorial point of view: site structure, quality of editorial the content, the ratio of content to various elements on the page (images, videos), keyword entity, the loading time of pages, determining the aspects to improve and the elements that hinder the indexing of the site in the hidden or unread text by Google robots, incorrectly implemented redirects). It can be every monthly basis to detect if new errors occur.

2. Online Competition Analysis or Competitor Study

It is good to analyze competitors' websites to find out what keywords they used and especially how these keywords were optimized on the website. You can also find out what promotional channels your competitors have used.

3. Choice of keywords

In SEO, keywords are searches made by users interested in the products or services you provide. Keywords are chosen according to the following factors: relevance, search volume on Google, number of results on Google, and (competition), and positions already won. It is adjusted monthly, depending on the results and the development of the business (if new products or services appear, for example).

4. On-site optimization

Optimization of meta titles and descriptions of web pages, optimization of source code and content (texts), creation of optimized texts, optimization of images, optimization of internal linking, and optimization of URLs. Monthly adjustments, depending on results and business development (if new products or services appear, for example).

5. Off-site optimization

Obtaining backlinks to the website by publishing advanced press releases, and registration in business portals. Constant work is done to obtain quality backlinks.

6. Tracking and analysis of results

Analysis of keyword positioning in Google organic space, data on traffic and traffic source (Google Analytics), identification of development opportunities (adjustment of on-site optimization or off-site strategy, depending on the evolution of the site in Google rankings).

How to choose an SEO specialist in website optimization services

Although there are SEO firms and SEO freelancers who provide clients with valuable services for SEO, some have failed to follow ethics and put the field in a bad light by their extremely aggressive attempts to manipulate search engine results. Practices that violate Google's Webmaster Guidelines can result in a negative change to the site's Google presence or even removal of the site from Google's index.

• Before choosing an SEO specialist, here are some questions you can ask:
• What projects have you been involved in?
• Can you give me examples of some success stories?
• What experience do you have in this field?
• Do you respect Google's Webmaster Guidelines?
• What are your most important SEO techniques?
• How will you monitor the evolution of the site?
• Will you share with me all the changes you make to my website and provide me with detailed information about your recommendations and the rationale behind them?
• Will you send me a monthly activity report with the SEO actions undertaken?

Can SEO results be guaranteed?

It is difficult to guarantee SEO services results, and more specific keyword positions in Google rankings, as you depend on the rules and updates of the search engine and the speed of customer feedback. Guaranteeing SEO results is possible, but we think it should be negotiated separately: a price for the actual work of the team and a price that varies according to the results. Guaranteeing SEO results can be done under certain conditions: the client commits to implement the recommendations provided by the SEO specialist within the indicated timeframe, and the client commits to follow the SEO specialist's instructions and answer questions promptly.

Getting results in SEO means positioning an optimized website on the first page of Google when users perform relevant searches. For example, you arrived on this page by searching Google for "what is SEO", “SEO services” or "SEO services company". In general, for keywords with low search volume and therefore low online competition, results appear 1-2 months after implementing on-site and/or off-site optimizations. For keywords with medium search volume, results appear in 4-5 months. In the case of competitive keywords, it can take up to 1 year for the site pages to rank on Google. The online age of the site and its popularity are also important.

Spectacular results can be obtained even faster, but this comes with a very high risk. To get results quickly you must go into the Grey-Hat SEO zone, to overdo the online promotion of the site. To be precise, to publish many advertorials at once, with even over-optimized texts. The site will stay on the first page for a few months and then it will fall in the rankings, making it very difficult to bring it back to the initial positions. Do not be ashamed to ask the SEO services company experts for advice.
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