15 Reasons why I invested in POICoin

Posted June 30, 2021 by poicointoken

Recently I also invested a tremendous amount in POICoin, and today I'm sharing the top 15 reasons why I invested in POICoin here.
Last year was like a nightmare to us all, many lost lives, friends, family members and jobs. Many are still recovering from the hard time (financially, emotionally or mentally) they faced during that period. The conditions are still not good and some parts of the world are still locked down.

Hard times taught us that one source of income is not enough, and people like me started searching for new opportunities.

I am an employee and last year I started investing in passive income sources. After observing the scope of available opportunities and doing my research, I started investing in cryptocurrencies.

It sounds great to me as there are many options and coins out there. It is the most profitable investment I could make to generate regular income. And with some regular monthly savings, I started investing in cryptocurrency from August 2020.

This August would make a year since I began investing in cryptocurrencies and during this duration, I invested in various cryptocurrencies such as BNB, BTC, ETH, USDT. Recently I also invested a tremendous amount in POICoin, and today I'm sharing the top 15 reasons why I invested in POICoin here.

Top 15 reasons I invested in POICoin

1. The fact that POICoin is Africa's first coin in value exchange and empowerment. It is a blockchain solution to real life challenges in Africa and beyond! At least it is for our betterment.

2. The concept of DApps alone is enough to compel one to become an investor. The utilization smartphones is a good way to engage people at a mass level and make infrastructure in underdeveloped areas without much effort.

3. The fact is that this project is actually in its early stages of development. And there are lots of exciting new developments to come out in the coming years. The development of the project and the dApp will have a real positive impact on the price of the token, creating more intrinsic value.

4. The Fact that POICoin will have its own exchange. Cryptocurrency exchange where holders of POIs can participate in trading (selling and buying) their tokens. So I can hold, trade, and Stake PoiCoin. Thus, all the opportunities are available.

5. PoiCoin's business plan includes exchange, but it will be also listed on other popular exchanges, thus POI will work on some of the major crypto exchanges and can be traded or exchanged with others as well.

6. The fact that it is intuitive and easy to use from both a consumer and retail point of view guarantees its retailer payment system is instantaneous in its transaction speed and without risk.

7. Due to the payment gateway which will ensure that the processing time is brought down to the minimum and each transaction with the POI ecosystem guarantees high liquidity.

8. The fact that the POI ecosystem is awesome, we will get better profit along with bonus, coupons, discounts and quicker payment.

9. The fact is that someday people will be able to buy all the essential items, grocery items, a house, a car, or even a business using the POICoins.

10. The fact that POICoin is agnostic in the sense that it doesn't matter which cryptocurrency wins the race to become the dominant cryptocurrency out there that people love to use, it doesn't discriminate. People can use, hold and trade it without any problem.

11. The fact that anyone who has done business with banks in Africa all these years, being ripped off with almost 18% transaction fees, will now find the ability to break free from the greedy grips of the banking industry. That alone is liberating enough to compel one to become an investor.

12. The fact that the token is set up to reward investors not really set up for the pumpers and dumpers makes for a cleaner community.

13. The fact is that Africa is the next frontier for digital currency. Due to its needs, internal problems and young population, Africans are driving it to adopt digital currency. And digital or cryptocurrency based projects like POICoin and several new ones are genuine hope for Africans. They are not only making things easy for the people but also helping them with a better value system. And by investing in it I am contributing a bit from my side.

14. The fact that POICoin is training and empowering young entrepreneurs and SMEs in Africa with access to business start-up funds in form of Grants/Interest Free Loans. The rate of innovations in Africa that has failed to develop due to lack of financial support has been a major deterrent to African development. Hence POICoin comes as a great relief to Businesses in Africa and this will drive up greatly the adoption of POICoin in Africa and give real value to the investors in form of great utility and ROI.

15. Current value of POICoin is as low as $0.10 and it will grow at rocket speed soon thus investing in it now will be a really profitable deal for the future.

So above are the top 15 Reasons why I invested in POICoin. I think these will be enough to motivate or encourage you as well to invest in it. If not, then check the whitepaper and you will be convinced.

The second phase of POICoin ICO Pre-sale will start from July 5, 2021. 08:00 UTC and will end on July 20, 2021 23:59 UTC. A total of 20,000,000 POI tokens will be available for buying at $0.15/POI price during this phase of pre-sale. So dont wait much and invest in PoiCoin now: https://poicoin.net/
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