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Top 6 Online Tutoring Firms Identified by Wall Street Journal
As online tutoring firms come to age they begin flex their technical muscles and dispel perceived disadvantages. This has caught the attention of mainstream media outlets like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. A couple of months ago, veteranWall Street Journal columnist Sue Shellen Barger wrote the column: Invasion of the Online Tutors.
The WSJ column, which highlighted six established online tutoring firms discussed some of the advantages of using an online tutor, like the ability to get academic help on-demand, or while juggling a regimented ballet schedule and academics.
According to research, like that of professor Benjamin Blooms Six Sigma, one-to-one instruction is the most effective way to teach. Currently, approximately 11% of students in the United States are tutored versus approximately 88% of students in Asian countries.
"Over the past few years, we have seen an increasing number of high performing students, those seeking to achieve an A in their math class using our tutoring services," said education entrepreneur Ryan Duques.
Students expect tutors to provide a custom learning experience to meet their specific style. Tutors also often become mentors and coaches to their students. It is no surprise that the appeal of an online tutor, which can access to professional tutors at an affordable price, has been picked up by main stream media like the Wall Street Journal.
Let's dive a little deeper into the services offered by the online tutoring firms covered by the WSJ, their background, who they help and how they are rated. Here are some important questions to consider when choosing an online tutoring firm.

What is Online Tutoring and Why Does it Impact My Life

What is online tutoring? Online tutoring is an actual vitural tutoring session where the students are tutored from their home, on their computer, instead of getting help in an institutional setting. During the online tutoring sessions, the students are in the comfort of their own home, learning in a positive atmosphere. The tutoring session have unlimited access because in the online setting, "the world is your oyster". Online tutoring is the virtual learning asset to students. Students do not feel reprimanded for their lack of knowledge because the online tutor is there to help them overcome their fears of learning. Students gain confidence and a better understanding of their problem subject because of the unique style of learning the computer presents. What is online tutoring? The key to a successful education.
Willy Wonka, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, best describes online tutors, when he stated, "We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams." Online tutoring is the key to the future of our children's education. These tutoring sessions have the capacity to inspire the world to love to learn! It is their job to prepare daily lesson plans that not only teach the required curriculum, but also motivate the students to ask for more knowledge in all disciplines. Tutoring sessions can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because of the ability to reach all areas online. This access will only help each child to remain focused and exceed the goals placed upon them. This is a not difficult task because of the wide area of access online tutoring sites have.
Online Tutoring lessons and activities are more appealing to students of all ages and of all levels of learning. This is because the students will know that interesting activities will follow, so they better pay close attention. Online tutors teach in a way that is positive and enjoyable to everyone, including themselves. Terry Astuto, psychologist, writes, "no conscientious educator would oppose the idea of excellence in education. The problem is gaining consensus over how to obtain it" (Astuto, 63). This is the main problem is the lack of knowledge parents have about tutoring online.
In order for this educational phenomenon to be accomplished, online tutoring has to become more mainstream. Information needs to be presented of the importance of these sessions need to reach all parents and students. School districts need to implement online tutoring in the classroom and offer online tutoring sites to their parents. Online tutoring has to be implemented in the home. Parents have to become more aware of the importance of these sites. "These sites offer preparedness and academic support to students having difficulties in school", explains Debbie Cluff, CEO of Links for Learning. She goes on to say, "Parents need to be aware of the positive resources available to them right in their home". Parents are so busy with their work schedule and raising a family that school is being placed on the back burner. This has to stop. Students are our future and parental support is the basis of their success. Parents now have the access to put additional educational resources in their home at their convenience! Online tutoring is easy to implement in the home.

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