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Vijgenboom Kopen, Wij bieden de beste vijgenboom online tegen betaalbare prijzen. Haal nu de leukste vijgenboom en andere bomen online bij Eigen Fruit.
Time to Plant & Prune Fruit Trees & Roses in Southern California
January is a good time to plant dormant fruit trees and roses for wonderful springtime color and fruit harvest. With Southern California's normally mild winters, a variety of vegetable and berry plants will also do well when planted in January.
Plant dormant fruit and rose trees: Bare root fruit trees and roses may appear lifeless in winter but will grow heartily in spring and summer if planted now. Plant apricot, plum, apple, pear and peach trees, and all types of rose bushes. Add organic compost planting mix to the soil to increase soil aeration and to keep in moisture.
Plant California Native Vegetation: Winter is the ideal time to plant California native vegetation. Winter rains give them a healthy start. Plant such natives as iris, Manzanita, sycamore, yarrow and Matilija poppy.
Prune and Pinch: Prune deciduous trees and shrubs and pinch back dead portions of perennial and annual flowers to keep plants looking fit. For roses, prune no more than one-half of new growth from the previous growing season. Pruning and pinching encourages new growth that will produce fuller flowers and larger fruit.
Plant Winter Vegetables: For gardeners who can't wait until spring to plant a vegetable garden, cool weather vegetables are ready to plant in January. They include artichokes, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, peas, potatoes spinach and strawberries.
Extending the Life of Poinsettias: Poinsettia flowers will usually remain healthy into March. After March, cut back the stems to no more than eight inches tall. By June, new growth will begin. Keep the plant in indirect, natural sunlight and the soil moderately moist. When the weather warms, bring the plant outside and transplant into a bigger pot. Prune as needed so the plant is bushy. Flowers will begin to grow in October and reach their peak of beauty in November and December.

The Spacing of Planting Fruit Trees
Planting fruit trees can be a rewarding experience for the home gardener. You will have lovely trees in your yard, many which have gorgeous blooms. You will have the ability to watch it grow from a young little tree into a strong cultivar that produces a wonderful harvest for you to pick.It is a joy to make desserts, jellies and sauces from fruit that you grew yourself. So, there are many perks.
In order to be successful, one of the important elements will be the spacing between your fruit trees. This is the amount of room that you leave between each tree when you plant them. While they will be very small when you first get them, most grow very quickly and will need room for this.
While some varieties are hybrids that are made to be able to grow close together for reasons of having a hedge of trees for privacy, most do need appropriate spacing.
This is important for three main reasons. The first is that if trees are crowded together, they will not have the proper room to grow. A whip, which is a young tree that does not have branches yet, or even a one or two year old trees will rapidly grow into a 10, 15 or even 25 foot tree at its mature height. When put too close together, this can cause them to warp out of shape as they compete for space.
A tree that is supposed to have a round shape can quickly grow in odd directions as they struggle to share room with another.
The second vital reason is that they will be competing for sunlight, water and the nutrients that are found in the soil. Sunlight is very important for just about every fruit tree; it is needed to grow fast, healthy and strong. Water is essential for growth and a tree that is too close in proximity will be a competitor for this element. Also, the soil naturally contains many nutrients that are essential for tree growth and two trees should have their own adequate supply.

Growing Your Own Orchard - Planting Fruit Trees in the Backyard

Looking for a new edition to your yard? Planting a tree can be a great way to improve the appearance of your property and cultivate sweet and tasty treats. Though fruit trees, particularly apple, can be easy to care for, many individuals assume the task it to burdensome and instead choose another type of true. Fill up your fruit basket and bring true blossoming beauty to your yard by planting a fruit tree. Here are some great tips to help you begin the process.

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